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Accreditation self study
high school student access to college classes

College in High School

College in High School, Consulting

All students deserve equitable opportunities to take college classes while in high school. Concurrent enrollment…

Student Internships

Community Partnerships, Consulting, Student internships

Internships change lives. Building an internship program requires intentional steps. A sustainable program must include:…

Project-based Learning Implementation

PBL Implementation

Proudly affiliated with the three best Project-based Learning organizations in the world. Clover Education helps…

PBL & Independent Study

Independent Studies, PBL Implementation

Implement relevant, authentic independent study that doesn't burden teaching staff. Don't lose ADA revenue. Ensure…

Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships, Consulting, PBL Implementation

Community partnerships keep student engagement high and increase learning. How often do members of the…

Revenue Generation for Schools

PBL Implementation, Revenue Generation for Schools

Every school has something unique to leverage and share with the community or world. Utilize…

Strategic ideas

A Whole Lot of Teamwork

Accreditation Self Study, Consulting, PBL Implementation, Revenue Generation for Schools

Building an amazing school culture doesn't happen by accident. School leaders need support -- so…

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