Clover education LLC

I'm Michelle Spencer

I support schools, districts, counties & states with meaningful K-12 education innovation and improvement.

A California credentialed teacher, administrator, and National Faculty with PBL Works by Buck Institute for Education.

I've founded a charter school, led traditional and specialized schools, implemented Gates Foundation grants, launched a 501c3 non-profit, and facilitated educational communities with multiple edtech start-ups.

Here are some of my offerings:

  • Project-Based Learning implementation
  • Sustaining & improving your PBL
  • Dual enrollment college partnerships
  • Student internship & service learning programs
  • Leadership team building & support
  • Accreditation self studies & preparation
  • District or county-wide learning walks, lab classrooms & pipelines
  • Resource & revenue procurement
  • Community partnerships

Michelle brings her whole heart, great spirit and creative energy to every challenge she tackles! She brought thoughtfulness, a strong background in pedagogy, a deep concern for learners and just downright joy to everything we did together.

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