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Building an amazing school culture doesn’t happen by accident.

School leaders need support — so that they can be supportive of their educators, staff, students, and families.

The LEADERSHIP SUPPORT offered by Clover Education includes:

  • Tried-and-true protocols to improve school culture
  • Communication structures for educator empowerment and buy-in
  • Action research with elements of design theory
  • Project management strategies and technology tools
  • Team building activities and mindsets
  • Easy to implement celebrations and appreciations

PRINCIPLES to foster a positive culture:

  • Everyone contributes in meaningful ways
  • Shared commitments to common beliefs, interests, and values run the organization
  • Distributed organizational knowledge releases more energy
  • Self-motivated members drive initiatives and results
  • Inspiring action is stronger than hierarchical organizational structures
  • Transparency and communication empowers staff, learners and families

Great LEADERS support the principles of positive culture through:

  • Leveraging network effects, even if it feels a little chaotic
  • Measuring and monitoring outcomes from collaborative decisions
  • Holding the target goals steady over extended periods of time

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