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Students learn hospitality and marketing skills as they support their school's non-profit training center.

Every school has something unique to leverage and share with the community or world. Utilize Clover Education’s strategies to increase revenue streams. Clover Education helps schools and districts create academic non-profits, implement independent study for capturing lost attendance monies, and secure community partnerships to increase grants and scholarships.

Should your school start its own non-profit?

Launching a 501c3 non-profit is a great way to create revenue for specialized classroom materials and technology. Or to increase the professional development opportunities for school staff.

Any school with an Athletic Boosters Club or a PTA similarly can create an organization dedicated to student and teacher learning. It’s an Academic Boosters Club!

As Principal of New Technology High School, Clover Education’s founder Michelle Spencer launched a non-profit. As its Director, she assembled a Board that raised $180k annually to support the small school of 400 students.

This non-profit organized a training center, offering hands-on, school-embedded professional learning. It reached thousands of educators across the US and internationally. While maintaining an educational design that integrated subjects and connected meaningfully to the community, this training center focused on helping educators serve low income and EL students using project-based learning .

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