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Experts from the community run workshops to help students learn at school.

Local writer helps at school
Local writer helps students plan their own books for a project at school.

Community partnerships keep student engagement high and increase learning.

How often do members of the community enter your school to inspire authentic, real-world learning?

Clover Education helps schools set up outreach and marketing strategies that significantly enhance community relationships and increase the number of  career pathway partners, scholarships, and mutually beneficial support.

Community partnerships bring in people from business, non-profits and the political arena — both local and from across the country and globe via web and video conferencing.

Distribute the teaching and learning at your school or district by creating opportunities for experts to:

  • Collaborate with teachers to design projects or units of study
  • Kick off a new unit of study with an amazing Entry Event that raises student curiosity
  • Support students in the messy middle of a project or unit by running workshops and feedback sessions
  • Serve as panelists or judges for student presentations and exhibitions of their finished work

Community partnerships hold tremendous potential for resource procurement, workplace learning, internships, grants, awards, scholarships, and increasing enrollment.

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