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Make School Accreditation Easier

Get help with your school accreditation and self-study report.

Wouldn’t you like to have access to organizational systems, communication structures, and advice?

Even veteran educators can get tripped up by the school accreditation process. There’s a lot of moving parts. When seeking stakeholder and educator input, new discoveries of school need create exciting opportunities! But sometimes new ideas and plans lead to delays in preparation.

Stay on track preparing for your accreditation visit. Balance the delays caused by great new ideas and teacher and community collaboration with efficiency tools and targeted advice.

Check out our online course designed specifically for school leaders or teachers-in-charge . We’re here to help with of the school accreditation process.

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Michelle Devereaux

Michelle Devereaux holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Management, as well as California administration and teaching credentials.

Benchmarks in Michelle Devereaux’s twenty-year education career include:
* Principal of New Technology High School, the flagship school of the New Tech Network
* Founding member and principal of a Big Picture Learning charter school
* Coordinator for project-based learning and internships
* Director of Teaching & Learning supporting three high schools in Marin County, CA
* Western Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation Chair
* National Faculty with PBL Works by Buck Institute of Education

Michelle has a strong background in academic administration and systemic educational reform, having founded a 501c3 non-profit training center and led outreach for a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project studying how time is used in schools.

Michelle was Director of Summits & Professional Learning for EdSurge, and secured partnerships with regional clusters of school districts across the US and Canada to create customized Tech For Schools Summits. She facilitated 23 summits in 23 months, impacting over 6,000 senior level administrators and teachers, generating 1M annually.

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